Un Sospiro - WholeNote Magazine - Review
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Harp Column Magazine - Noël Nouvelet - Review
Full Review - by Allison Young

"A Christmas Eve with Caroline Leonardelli’s performance will be one to remember for a lifetime."

"She paints the backdrop of a star-filled night of mystery and seems to coax the words from Ms. Nesrallah as though the two are symbiotic, perfectly balanced and in ensemble. It’s breath-taking storytelling."

Women's Music Club of  Toronto - with Afiara String Quartet  - Concert Review
Full Review - by Robin Elliott

El Dorado "Performance was outstanding"
Ballade #2 by Henriette Renie "Congratuations to Leonardelli for unearthing this very fine work and her beguiling performance of it"

Harp Column Magazine - Impressions de France - Review
Full Review - by Allison Young

"World Class Harpist" "This is a French album for me like no other"
"warm touch, coupled with an articulate technique"
"With thoughtfully chosen and laid-out repertoire, filled with surprises and all masterfully presented" 
Rating - 4 3/4 out of 5

Classical Music Sentinel -  Impressions de France - Review
Full Review - by Jean-Yves Dupperon

Impressions de France - Review
"What she brings or adds to the music at hand, to any piece she plays, is close to magical". "She sees beyond the notes and recreates what the composer had in mind"

WholeNote Magazine - Impressions de France - Review
Full Review - by Roger Knox
Impressions de France - Review
"Beyond technical proficiency and adherence to the French school of her teachers, it is her artistic sense of pacing and of shaping melodies within cascades of notes that help make these performances commanding."

Harp Column Magazine - El Dorado - Review

Full Review - by Allison Young

Harp Column Magazine - Legendes - Review

Full Review - by Alison Young
égendes Recording Review - The Harp Column Magazine
"Caroline plays with an easy and smooth technique and a heavenly tone.  Organist Matthew Larkin draws out a creamy tonal palett that highlights the symphonic qualtities so need to make the combination work" Rating - 4 3/4 out of 5

Légendes Recording Review - La Scena Musicale
"A delicate soloist is revealed on the second movement of Glière’s Harp Concerto" "Caroline Léonardelli is a high-calibre harpist, and Mathew Larkin makes a laudable, yet subtle contribution."  "Four stars"

La Scena Musicale, May 2012
Full Review - French & English Versions

Légendes Recording Review - Classical Music Sentinel
"Allow me to award Caroline, Matthew  and recording engineer Anton Kwiatkowski a perfect 10 for instrumental balance and superlative sound reproduction. It's the closest thing to being there that I've heard in a while." " As in her previous release (El Dorado), harpist Caroline Léonardelli once again clearly demonstrates the multi-layered musical and emotive capabilities of this instrument, and dives deep within the music to expose each piece's unique character and idiosyncrasies."  "A wonderful new collection of ear-opening music"

Classical Muaic Sentinel
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Légendes Recording Review
"Both musicians are at the top of their game"

The WholeNote, May 2012

El Dorado Recording Review
"Léonardelli’s sensitive voicing and phrasing in Songs of Nymphs sets the interpretive standard. .... Léonardelli’s tremendous interpretive ability is matched by astonishing engineering and production."  "Six out of  six stars"

The Music Scene, Spring 2009
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El Dorado Recording Review
"Mozetich’s 1988 cycle of four solo pieces, Song of Nymphs, in an exceptionally scintillating performance."

Daniel Foley, The WholeNote, February 2009
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El Dorado Recording Review
"displays not only her remarkable musicianship, but also the harp's various personalities"...The recording here is superb and the sound of the harp is rich and palpable, and detailed from top to bottom.  A definite choice as a harp recording with the added bonus that all the works on this fine disc have something to say."

Jean-Yves Duperron, The Classical Music Sentinel
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El Dorado Recording Review
“A piquant potpourri of harp music tempered by melancholy expression... Léonardelli is a skilled musician.”

Gramophone Magazine, November 2009

Panache Recording Review
Julie Nesrallah mezzo soprano, Caroline Léonardelli harp
"A jewel of a recording"  

Richard Todd, The Ottawa Citizen, February 10, 2007

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Harpist highlights exquisite concert
"The highlight of the performance was undoubtedly Léonardelli's achingly ethereal playing of the Interlude, the longest and possibly most perfect movement of Britten's ever-popular Ceremony. That movement was worth the price of admission by itself." 

Richard Todd, The Ottawa Citizen, December 14, 2006

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A Christmas Story-A Conte de Noel - Recroding Review
"This is one of the most refreshing and delightful Christmas CDs to come along in years."

Richard Todd, The Ottawa Citizen, November 2005

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Impressionisme - Para Arpa -  Recording Review
"These are performances of sensitivity and grace, exhibiting a wide range of subtle colours and an excellent sense of ensemble."

Daniel Foley, The WholeNote Magazine, April 2005

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Impressionisme - Para Arpa -  Recording Review
"Impressionisme: Four Stars."

Richard Todd, The Ottawa Citizen, December 11, 2004

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